Simple Post That Makes Me Smile

Coffee has always been my goto drink. Even as a meal sometimes, or especially when editing.... i loose track of time and space.

As i start to write, or at least start to post more images on this blog, you'll start to get a sense of who i am, and what the word community means to me. Coffee is my excuse to people watch at my local hang out Streamliners. Working in a small town, get to interact with a lot of people.

“You know everyone here... why does it always take so long to get 1 thing at any store... grrr”

Blondie's quote whenever we go out.

But now she's hooked

Now my step-daughter comes with me to 'our' coffee spot and gets it. She sees how great the people are. No more do we have to stop, she's asking just to go there. And yes, yes we do!

As my cup is almost empty, it's time to wrap this first post up. I take editorial photos, and help promote / marketing small companies, shoot fashion, food, and even laugh. Check back in, and see what i'm up to. Who know's, if you see me, say hi.... just have time to chat :)

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