Little Gary

2019 has been a great year for airshows. The one constant is this little guy. Well, not exactly...

Gary is a great friend, that i've had the pleasure of knowing for several years now. HUGE aviation enthusiast, and i got to hang out this year at all the shows we went to, working them or as customers. His airshow hat makes it easy to find him, and it's an ongoing joke, about when the hats on, there's a plane around here somewhere.

The toy is and never was meant as a negative. I see it as, it's not a good time if Gary isn't there. His knowledge or the aircraft, history, and good taste in scotch makes just a couple reasons he's a crucial part of the gang. I still don't know how he puts up with me lol

So thank you for a great airshow year. Time to figure out what fun we can shoot next year.