I have been behind the camera for almost as long as I could hold one. 


Photography runs deep in my veins and is the fuel that sustains me.  Community is  the food that fills me and my clients and their stories are the nourishment of my  soul.  Oh, and coffee is my lifeblood….


From digital, to film,  to video, I specialize in a variety of media and can accommodate requests for everything from Newborn shots, Weddings, Engagements, Professional Headshots and Commercial events.   I have even done a turn or two on the catwalk….


My passion is derived from seeing you and telling your story- through print or in photos, I strive to ensure the best you is captured. 



Enough about me though- let’s talk about you.  In order to do that, please reach out to me via phone at 519.641.9034, email at talktome@spitzky.ca or via FB, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.  Please visit for a glimpse into my life, my work, my passion and your future




From an early age, photos and images always spoke more to me than text ever did.  I lived my youth daydreaming in still-life and my childhood was spent planning my “grown-up, day job”. Through hard work, and determination, what once was a Grade 3 Math class fantasy has morphed into my real life.  And you know what?  Picture books are still AWESOME.


I cut my teeth on newsprint and magazines and I honed my skills in adulthood developing a passion for food, travel, fashion and local photography and journalism. 


Having my own company specializing in helping others to grow their ideas, products, and services is the stuff that dreams are made of.


I keep up with social media and marketing trends (hello, Pinterest), and am a licensed drone operator.  I offer a complete marketing solution tailored to your individual or business needs. Locally focused with a large presence, my ability to help you grow with marketing, and social media is key to showcasing your products or services.

If you see me on the street, stop and say hi.  Chances are I am on my way to my favourite local coffee shop in search of a quiet table suitable for my two favourite things- editing your pictures or daydreaming in still-life.